Rebalance Calc:

A Portfolio Rebalancing Calculator

This tool is meant to help with re-balancing investment assets, and with building a tax efficient portfolio (in the U.S.). Periodically re-balancing keeps one's asset allocation (and exposure to risk) in a comfortable range, and works best when all investment accounts are treated as part of a single portfolio.

See the bogleheads wiki for info on tax efficiency, and for general investing suggestions.

For help classifying assets, see this chart. For help classifying accounts, see the first bullet in the list here.

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Desired Asset Allocation:
Total: %

Tax inefficient assets
(Assets which primarily earn via non-qualified dividends):

Foreign and tax-exempt assets
(Assets eligible for a US tax credit on foreign tax,
or those which are entirely tax-exempt):

All other assets,
with highest expected growth at the top
(Assets which generally earn via qualified dividends and/or capital gains):

Available Accounts:
Total: $

Taxable accounts:

Tax deferred accounts:

Tax free accounts:

Suggested Asset Allocation:

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